Keeping your Agassiz storage units organized is an important part of being able to easily access the items you need during their time in storage. Unfortunately, many people neglect the need for proper organization when packing their self storage unit as they are more focused on simply fitting as much as they can into the space. The three tips below can help you to avoid making this same mistake so that you can get the most out of your storage unit.

image class="left" url=""Tip #1: Use Color-Coded Labels

Identifying which box has the items you need when looking at a storage unit filled with dozens or even hundreds of boxes can be extremely difficult. Using a color-coding system when labeling your boxes can help to eliminate this problem.

Begin by selecting a different color label for each category of items you plan to store. For instance, you can store Christmas decorations in boxes with red labels, while summer clothes are stored in boxes with yellow labels. If you are struggling to find enough different colors, using colored construction paper can be an easy and inexpensive way to solve this problem.

Once you have selected your colors and appropriately labeled your boxes, you will be able to easily spot the items you need simply by looking for the color of the label rather than reading the labels of every box in your self storage unit.

Tip #2: Create A Treasure Map

While there is a good chance that you will remember exactly where every item in your Agassiz storage units is located, after placing these items into storage, your memory will likely fade, over time. Creating a map of your storage unit can help to quickly refresh your memory when the time comes to retrieve a specific item.

When creating your map, you will find that it is easiest to start by marking the location of any large items that are in your storage unit. Think of these items as landmarks on your map. With all the landmarks in place, you can then mark the location of smaller items or groups of items.

So that your map does not get lost or left at home when visiting your storage unit, consider taping a copy of this map to the inside wall of your self storage unit.

Tip #3: Create Aisles For Easy Access

unless you want to spend hours unloading your entire storage unit simply to access a few items in the back, you will need to ensure that there is room for you to easily move about the unit. The most effective way to do this is to create aisles in between each group of items that you will be storing.

If you are not sure how large your aisles should be, take the time to walk through the aisle carrying a large box or pushing a furniture dolly. If you are able to get through the space easily, the aisle is adequate. However, if you struggle to make it through with your cargo in tow, you will need to widen the aisles for easy access.
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