There are those that counsel that our obsession with ancient astronauts, UFOs, SETI, and the like shouldn't behing more than a religious fever under a distinct disguise. Instead of trying towards the heavens for salvation and ultimate truths in God, we reject God and instead we look towards the heavens and search out new intelligences and new civilizations to boldly lead us on the path to a common brotherhood; aliens that of their eternal wisdom will show us the one true path and give us all the advantages of their experiences and knowledge, information that which gives us warp drives, a universal fact and justice, and the golden brick road that leads towards the cosmic method (the way in which of the cosmos?).

Balderdash! Properly, kind of.

God, assuming a God, is about superpure explanations for creations just like the origin of our planet and of us.

God is supposedly about good vs. evil; heaven vs. hell, salvation vs. damnation, and a warm fuzzy eternal afterlife.

God is about morality (by no means thoughts the shortage of His own).

We do not look to aliens for creation mythology; the afterlife; and our ethical codes.

Actually SETI (Seek for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) scientists don't sit in worship at their radio telescope cathedrals that nice alien in the sky that they seek. Search they do, but to not worship. However, some do go a bit over-the-prime in suggesting the types of societies they're more likely to find and communicate with - it is their model of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. See below for more elaboration.

Assuming ancient astronauts, and assuming historical astronauts were aliens, then the peoples of these historical instances obviously worshiped zambet02 said ancient astronaut aliens. Nonetheless, individuals involved in ancient astronaut aliens at present hardly worship that what takes their interest. It's just one other aspect of SETI (even when traditional SETI professionals can be horrified at having the research of historical astronauts lumped in with what they do).

UFOs are slightly completely different kettles of fish to SETI (effectively, kind of) or ancient astronauts; totally different horses of many different colours. One such color - no less than to most people - is the cultist 'giggle factor' or 'foolish season' colour. To the minority of others, nicely, they (cultists) imagine in the 'area brothers' and are normally called contactees they usually type numerous - for lack of a better phrase - New Age themed UFO societies. They do certainly worship, if not fairly as gods, at the very least as ultra advanced supreme beings, who, for all practical functions are as close to godlike and perfect as makes no odds. All is peace and concord and enlightenment and utopia and perfect health and beauty and everlasting rainbows in and on the worlds (including Venus and Saturn, etc.) of the 'area brothers'. The 'area brothers" collectively make even our most saintly of saints seem like hardened criminals behind bars if not on death row!

UFO 'area brother' contactees or cultists often 'preached' their sermons of gloom and doom while providing salvation and enlightenment to the good unwashed by way of the messages they conveyed from those uppity-up pure-in-coronary heart-and-thoughts aliens. Someway the 'space brothers' offered us the one true pathway away from our destruction, typically literally, as in the end of the world.

If I had some $$$ for every time the end of the world had been predicted, lets just say my bank manager and the tax office would each be pleased. I'm positive not a 12 months goes by, most likely not even a month, without somebody (not at all times by any means UFO cultists) calling out loud and clear that 'The sky is falling; the end is here; prepare to satisfy thy doom'. For these misguided beings who take one such ever ongoing prophecy seriously, it would, I suppose, be more logical to put your salvation eggs in an extraterrestrial basket carried around by UFOs. There's means more evidence for the UFO ETH (ExtraTerrestrial Hypothesis) than for God. God hasn't been seen (for at the very least 4000 years or so), tracked on radar, left bodily trace marks on our surroundings, nor has He been filmed or photographed.

However some of these New Age Themed UFO societies might be hazardous to your health. The Heaven's Gate group in 1997 had been going to hitch a ride with this UFO concealed within the Hale-Bopp Comet as it swung around the Sun. There was one catch however - to get from terrestrial ground zero, to Hale-Bopp, you had to do your self a deadly mischief. In accordance with the "M*A*S*H" theme music, suicide possibly painless but it's nonetheless suicide. [There have been a number of different cases of mass suicide among the membership of spiritual cults - the Branch Davidians (Waco, Texas) and followers of Jim Jones and his People's Temple (Guyana) - however these had nothing to do with aliens.]

Other New Age themed UFO societies are more harmless to your bodily well being (undecided about your psychological well being nevertheless), like the Unarius [Educational Foundation] Society; the Etherean Society; the Aetherius Society, and dozens more, each major and minor.

It's got to be said that bona fide UFO investigators dislike these cultists for muddying the UFO waters and turning what should be severe examine into a joke within the larger general community. Using along with your racially pure white 'house brothers' in their UFOs to visit their residence worlds (which either nobody has ever heard of or which scientists have confirmed to be hellish sufficient, method beyond incapable of supporting complex life) and delivering their New Age words of cosmic reality and wisdom goes to generate a lot more column inches within the tabloids than critical investigations will in the major metropolitan press.
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